Shop for Patio Furniture Online is one of the largest independently owned outdoor furniture and Brunswick Billiard retailers in the country. We carry the latest collections from the highest quality manufacturers. And because we buy in volume we are able to guarantee our customers the lowest prices on the finest products.


We invite you to visit one of our 14 showrooms and visit our web site frequently.’s origins predate the dot-com era. We continue to believe that our stores offer prospective furniture buyers the best and most informed way to select their merchandise. Our store sales associates average in excess of 15 years in the business and are the most experienced and knowledgeable in the business.  We believe that purchasing furniture from one of our stores is the best method for prospective consumers for the following reasons:

  • The purchase of an outdoor furniture set or billiards table can be a large ticket one and you want to minimize the chances of making a mistake in selection.  
  • If there is an issue after purchase, we will be there for you to assist you in person.
  • Furniture should be tried out for comfort and billiards tables should be played prior to purchase.
  • There are a large number of color options, styles, finishes, sizes and combinations of furniture possible – they are best seen in person and discussed with one of our sales associates.
  • Most better quality furniture lines can only be purchased in our stores and are not available online.
  • We can work with any budget to design an outdoor seating/dining arrangement or game room – this is best had with a discussion with a real person where one can view the different product options.

We thank you for visiting our site and seeing you in one of our showrooms in the very near future.