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Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

Aluminum is one of the most widely used materials for outdoor furniture; whether it’s a patio dining set, lounge chair, swivel rocker or a side table, aluminum is the gold standard in outdoor furniture.


Why aluminum patio furniture? Aluminum is extremely sturdy and relatively light, yielding excellent strength to weight properties. Additionally, aluminum is corrosive-resistant. Unlike standard steel, aluminum won’t rust; rather, aluminum includes a sacrificial element to protect it over a long period of time making it relatively maintenance-free.


Another clear advantage of aluminum is aesthetics. Well-known brands like Brown Jordan, Telescope Casual and others specialize in aluminum outdoor furniture for their distinctive designs; whether it be modern, transitional or traditional, aluminum crosses all design styles. Additionally, manufactures offer a wide range of powder-coat finishes that not only look beautiful, but protects outdoor furniture overtime.


Lastly and perhaps most importantly is comfort. Today’s aluminum patio furniture is engineered for specific seating styles such as cushion, sling and strap seating; often the seat type depends on the intended use i.e. poolside, patio dining or lounging. Also, some manufacturers engineer pivot points for adjusting and motion; these comfort features are most common to aluminum patio furniture.

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